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Personal Data

Surename Dekany
First name Tibor
Date of birth 23th February 1976, born in Zürich
Nationality Swiss and Hungarian
Address Hagenacherstr. 19
CH-8307 Effretikon
Phone & Fax +41-52-3430147 / +41-52-3430148
Email tibor.dekany [at] pcnetwork.ch
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Time period What
3.2004 - now University of Zurich, Department of Informatics, Database Technology Group, Research Assistant and Ph. D. Candidate
2000 - 12.2003 University of Zurich, Department of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology, main study period
Main domain of IT, written final examination:
  • Information Management
  • Database Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • System Architecture and Software
  • Software Quality Management
Domain of Economics and BA, written final examination:
  • Marketing
  • Organization Theory
Specialization, oral final examination:
  • System Architecture and Software
  • Multi Media
  • Database Technology
  • Communications and Distributed Systems
  • Insurance Economics

Master Thesis

Term papers, seminars (S) and workshops (WS):

  • WS: Effective Soft Skills
  • WS: Real Estate Portfolio Management System (Workshop @ Arthur Andersen Consulting)
  • Term paper: Courseman: A webapplication for creation and administration of complex XML configuration files for an e-learning system. Based on Java, Java Servlets, JSP (Java Server Pages), XML, XSLT, servlet container Tomcat and the objectoriented database FastObjects from POET: Paper
  • Database lab: gained experience with Oracle 9i und IBM DB2
  • S: Marketingseminar, simulation with Markstrat and evaluation of the paper "The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation" from Webster
  • S: Operations Research, aricle: "Hydro-electric unit commitment subject to uncertain demand", from the "European Journal of Operational Research 125 (2000), p. 410-424" (abstract)
some other courses
  • Operation- and Processmanagement
  • Operations Research
1998 - 2000
University of Zurich, Department of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology, basic study period
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Computer Science, basic level
  • Computer Science, advanced level
  • Business Administration (BA+Marketing)
  • Operations Research (linear and non-linear optimization)
  • Law (commercial and civil law)
1996 - 1998  ETHZ (Federal Institute of Technology Zürich), Department: Electrical Engineering
1990 - 1996  Kantonsschule im Lee, Winterthur, Maturity type C (University entrance, main subject: science) 
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Datum Publikation
3.2005 IRMA 2005: Towards a Paradigm of Using Webservices Collectively
11.2004 Master Thesis: Carpool21: A Webapplication For Establishing Carpools [abstract, PDF (low resolution 1.5MB, high resolution 4.5MB)]
2003 Seminar about Cutting Edge IT-Engineering: Quality of Service
2002 Term Paper: Courseman: A webapplication for creation and administration of complex XML configuration files for an e-learning system
2001 Seminar about IT Security: Kerberos
2001 Seminar about Database technologies for the web: XML Query Languages, incl. techical demonstration
2001 Seminar about Java aktuell, Embedded Computing and Mobile Commerce: J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition), CLDC (Connected Limited Device Configuration) und CDC (Connected Device Configuration) incl. techical demonstration: abstract
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Language Knowledge
German perfect (plus Swissgerman of course!)
Hungarian fluent (at home we speak hungarian and we often visit Hungary)
English good (4 years in school and 1 year at the university)
French intermediate (6 years in school)
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Professional Experiences

Time period (corresponding full time experience) Company Description
3.2004 - today University of Zurich Working on a Swiss KTI project PORAS and an EU e-Ten project OPTIPARK. The subject of both projects is E-Parking. Together with partner companies we are working on an advanced parking platform. We are using the latest technologies like RFID, IVR, SOA, Web Services...
1998 - 2004 (~ 2 year) PC Network T. Dekany After my colleague stopped studying and found a job, I took over our company. But now, I offer professional IT-services mostly to other companies, like setting up internet-connections, installing workstations, intranets, firewalls, routers, different servers (mail, file, dns, web, ...), VPN. I mostly use Linux as server operating system.
2001 (3 months) AWK Group Project: Implementation of a professional contact management tool for the AWK Group. The old database was based on MS-Access, which had to be replaced with Visual-Adress. I was responsible to evaluate, to customize the GUI to the needs of the employees, to migrate the database and to instruct the employees.
1997 - 1998 (~3 months) Dekany & Stebler Computers Together with a colleague, we founded our own company. We put together customized computers and sold them. We made everything ourselves, marketing (printing flyers, radio-commercials), accounting, consulting and support.
Feb - March 1997 (6 weeks) ABB Lernzentren Machineshop internship, final project: construction of a laboratory power-supply (development of the printed circuit boards and the case)
11.1996 - 6.97 (~3 months) A&O Computer (later renamed to Computerexpress), Zurich,
Part time job
Systemtechniker, verantwortlich für Konfiguration, Bau, Installation und Support von Computersystemen.
1996 (4 months) ABB, Oerlikon,
Full time job
"High Voltage Products" department, creation and modification of electrical schemas with Autocad R12
1995/96 (2 months) Walesch Electronic, Effretikon,
Full time job
Development of a GUI for a mobile shock measuring device (running under Windows 3.1) with Borland Delphi
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Experiences Abroad

Time Location Cause Description
Poland, Krakau and Dusseldorf,Germany Project PC Network T. Dekany
Project for GfE Dusseldorf, intranet conception: Email centralization in Düsseldorf (new emailserver), new conception of the local network  in Dusseldorf (DMZ architecture), international VPN connecting Dusseldorf, Krakau and Dubendorf with Cisco routers and firewalls
Poland, Krakau
Project PC Network T. Dekany
Order from Ferrolegeringar AG, installation of a Linux based fileserver und router to create a VPN connection with the subsidiary company FAG Poland
time and again Hungary Visiting / vacation Visiting the family

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IT Literacy

Programming Java, C++, C, Trolltech Qtopia (Sharp Zaurus), Delphi, Pascal, Basic, Epoc-OPL (Psion, Symbian)
Operating Systems Unix / Linux (Debian, RedHat, SuSE), Windows (3.1, 9x, NT, 2000, ME, XP), Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, Epoc (Psion)
Software Packages Intersystems Caché, Rational Rose, Oracle DB, IBM DB2, POET FastObjects, StarOffice, MSOffice (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint), Gimp, Delphi, Metrowerks, PostgreSQL, Autocad, Rational Rose, und viele andere mehr
Internet-technique HTML, XML, XSLT, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Servlets, JDBC, SQL, PHP, ASP, CSP
Server Configuration DNS (Bind 8/9), DHCP, Proxy (Squid), Fileservices (Samba, NFS), Faxserver (Hylafax), Directory Services (NIS/YP, Novell NDS 8.5 eDirectory, LDAP), Groupware (Novell Internet Messaging System, IMP), Java Servlet Container (Tomcat), Webserver (Apache), Mailserver (Exim, Sendmail, Qmail)
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